Batch Processing Services

Coordinate an unlimited number of payments, all at once.

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Secure, Simple and Efficient

Process large volumes of credit card information without sending customers an online payment form. This feature is perfect for merchants who mail or use telephone orders or process in other card-not-present environments.

If you are processing recurring payments, please check our Recurring Billing solution.

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Payments

Transfer money with any bank account across Canada using Beanstream’s Direct Debit Processing or Direct Debit Payments (EFT) options. EFT payments are a cost-effective and efficient way of transferring money.

EFT payments makes it easy for you to manage your employee payroll by direct depositing funds directly into the employee’s bank account.

Streamline accounting processes and get paid faster by automating your billing cycles and rest assured that processing payments with Beanstream means your payments are encrypted and customer information is kept confidential through tokenization.

Could it be any easier?

  • Enter your customer card information into a CSV-formatted file (such as Excel).
  • Upload to an easy-to-use interface in your own online member area. Files can be loaded 30 days in advance.
  • Process the entire file at once Download reports explaining the status of each transaction.

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