Securely Manage Confidential Customer Information

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Encrypted and Secure Technology

Beanstream’s tokenization service encrypts every piece of confidential data your customer supplies and stores it on our PCI-certified servers. If you are a developer, tokenization combines perfectly with API integrations.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization occurs when your customer enters their payment information into your eCommerce online payment form. A customer profile is created on Beanstream’s PCI certified servers and an encrypted token created and returned to the merchant.

When a customer wants to make a repeat purchase, the merchant automatically passes this unique token (or customer code) to the Beanstream gateway to retrieve the customer’s payment information from Beanstream’s secure servers and processes the transaction.

Customers that purchase with merchants who use Beanstream’s tokenization experience a streamlined and efficient payment process.

When do I need tokenization?

Tokenization is designed to be used with any process that could potentially expose secure data. It offers the perfect solution if you need to:

  • Integrate your server to one of our powerful payment processing services through an Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Store customer card data before using a payment processing service such as Batch Processing or Recurring Billing.

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