Payform and Payfields

A smarter payment form. A happier customer.

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A simple payment form for all devices

Native Overlay

PayForm is fully customizable and appears as an overlay once the payment button has been clicked. You can keep a consistent look with the rest of your site by adjusting the colors and adding your logo.

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More control, same security

Completely Embedded

With a few more minutes of development time, you can completely embed the payment fields on your website. No overlay, you control the entire payment experience.

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PayFields on iPad Pro

Boasting the Best Features

Responsive Design
PayForm and PayFields adapt to mobile and the web. The customer won’t have to click or tap to the next field. Instead, they are automatically guided through the form.

Increases Conversion Rate
Customers will stay on your site while filling in their information. We have you covered with automatic card validation, expiry date validation, and customer card display.

Always the Best
No need to change the code with every new release and update. The PayForm and PayFields automatically update, ensuring you always have the newest features.

Keeping Your Business Secure
None of the customer’s payment information touches your server, allowing you to stay in the SAQ-A compliance category. Plus, all credit card information is tokenized.

PayForm on desktop

For more information review our developer portal or contact our support team.