Beanstream Completes PCI DSS Audit


Demonstrating its continued commitment to secure transaction processing and protection of cardholder and merchant information, Beanstream has completed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) program. The PCI DSS Program was designed and implemented by credit card associations to assess the security of cardholder data and the risk of internal and external security compromises within the payments environment.

Through the PCI DSS Program, several security and policy requirements must be addressed including access to data, firewall integrity, encryption of stored data, physical security and a wide range of business human resources and policy issues. The program consists of two components; a self-assessment of the merchant or service provider's compliance with best practice standards and, secondly, confirmation of the self-assessment by a card association approved independent third party security assessor.

The third party security assessment was conducted by Dyntek based on fieldwork done at Beanstream's production centre facilities in Victoria.

About Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc.

Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc. is a leading Canadian electronic payment and authentication solutions provider. Services include merchant account enablement, credit card processing, electronic funds transfer, automated clearinghouse payment processing and credit score and authentication services for both e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar businesses. Beanstream provides a wide selection of products from simple payment gateway services to full end-to-end e-commerce solutions.

Beanstream solutions work with all Canadian and US financial institutions and have been selected by more than 5000 businesses across North America. Beanstream is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia.

Beanstream Contact:

Chris Koide
Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 250-472-2326