Beanstream Enhances Simply Payroll Service


Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc announces that it has enhanced its Simply Payroll Service to provide faster settlement to employee bank accounts. The enhancement matches the settlement periods offered by leading payroll solutions offered by ADP and Ceridian, with the added advantage of integration directly into the Simply Accounting series of financial products.

"In terms of ease of use and cost effectiveness, the Simply Payroll Service is by far the best solution for small and mid-sized business", said Craig Thomson CEO of Beanstream. "Employers benefit by having all of their payroll information consolidated into a single application while having access to a level of customer and technical support that quite frankly the banks and larger organizations do not provide."

Employers can direct deposit their entire payroll in one batch to virtually any bank account. Beanstream handles all the banking transactions: employers only have to enter the employees' banking information into Simply Payroll.

The Simply Payroll Service was launched in the fall of 2004. No additional software is needed to use this service: the direct deposit function is built right into the Simply Payroll program. The product and support are available in both French and English. Simply Payroll can be purchased at leading software retailers across North America.

You can learn more about this product and sign-up for a free trial at

About Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc.

Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc. is a leading Canadian electronic payment and authentication solutions provider. Services include merchant account enablement, credit card processing, electronic funds transfer, automated clearinghouse payment processing and credit score and authentication services for both e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar businesses. Beanstream provides a wide selection of products from simple payment gateway services to full end-to-end e-commerce solutions.

Beanstream solutions work with all Canadian and US financial institutions and have been selected by more than 5000 businesses across North America. Beanstream is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia.

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